Vanilla Pudding Pops

Funfetti Alert!!!!

Who doesn't love adding a little sprinkle to their life!!! What better way than to pop some funfetti in whatever you're making or baking. Kids (and adults) love it!

ice cream



_ Vanilla Pudding Pops


½ cup castor sugar

2 tablespoons cornflour

¼ tsp salt

2 cups milk

2 eggs

1 vanilla bean



Mix the sugar, cornflour, salt with a little milk until well combined. Add eggs and mix well. Heat the remaining milk in a saucepan. Once heated slowly pour over the egg mix while whisking constantly. Return the mixture to the pot and cook until thickened. Lastly, add the vanilla and then allow to cool slightly. Fill your popsicle moulds halfway with pudding, then add funfetti and then fill with more pudding. Insert popsicle sticks and freeze overnight. 

Remove from mould once frozen and enjoy! 

March 26.