Three Cheese Zucchini Lasagne

I know it's cheesy... but I feel grate... when I eat this!

Who can resist a good food pun, not me! This lasagne makes eating a meat-free dish all worth while. The creamy, cheesy comfort you feel and love when eating a classic lasagne is still there, yet in some crazy way, ​the dish feels lighter and fresher. 


vegetarian lasagne

zucchini lasagne

_ Three Cheese Zucchini Lasagne


Serves 6


8 medium zucchinis

olive oil

2 fennel bulbs, stalks, fronds

25g butter (look on the pack for measurement guidelines)

salt and pepper

12 lasagne sheets


For the cheese sauce:

50g salted butter

¼ cup flour

600ml full cream milk

100g grated parmesan

100g grated smoked cheese

100g goats cheese

1 box baby spinach


Thinly slice the zucchini and fennel on a mandolin or using a knife and set aside. Heat a large pan with a little oil and fry the zucchini on a high heat for 1-2mins on each side (you don’t want to overcook them, just caramelise and soften them slightly). Next, fry the fennel on a medium heat with butter until soft and caramelised. Set your veg aside and make your cheese sauce.


Start by heating your milk in a small pot. Then in another pot, melt the butter and then sieve in the flour at the same time whisking furiously to prevent lumps. Slowly add warmed milk while whisking continuously to prevent lumps until all the milk is incorporated. I like to switch to a rubber spatula now and continue stirring making sure you scrape the bottom to prevent sticking. Cook for 10 minutes on a low heat. Add the goats cheese, baby spinach, 50g of each of the cheeses and mix. Season generously and remove from the heat.


Now to assemble to lasagne. Preheat the oven to 180’c. Start with a layer of cheese sauce at the bottom of your baking dish. Then top with lasagne sheets. Be sure not to overlap the sheets. Top with more sauce. Then a few layers of zucchini and fennel and repeat the process until all ingredients are finished and the last layer is sauce. Finish with the remaining cheeses and salt and pepper. Bake for 30 - 40 mins until golden and when a sharp knife is inserted the pasta feels soft. 

July 23.