Rosemary Granadilla and Lime G&T

Drought-Friendly Drinks

Here in Cape Town, South Africa, we are experiencing a terrible drought - the worst we've had yet. Everyone is trying to do their bit to save water and every little drop counts. Like for instance, avoiding making pasta, boiling potatoes and stock making - all things that require a lot of cooking water. 


I thought to have a little fun and make a G&T using drought-friendly herbs (herbs that don't require a lot of watering). One should definitely avoid planting during a drought. However, if you do still have these herbs on your balcony garden or in your kitchen perhaps creating a self-watering garden like I did in my video might help combat overwatering. Remember to water using only grey water!

rosemary gin and tonic

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Save water guys... rather drink G&T's :) 

passion fruit syrup

Made this super easy and incredibly flavourful granadilla (passion fruit) syrup which is such a win in any gin and tonic or perhaps poured over cheesecake or ice cream. 

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_ Rosemary Granadilla and Lime G&T


Makes 6

4 sprigs rosemary

½ cup castor sugar

½ cup water

¼ cup granadilla juice

2 limes

3 tonic waters

3-6 shots gin - up to you :)


To make the rosemary granadilla syrup:

Place the first 4 ingredients in a pot and slowly bring to a boil and cook until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat and allow the herbs to infuse in the liquid.


To serve the drink:

Place ice, granadilla syrup, fresh granadilla pulp and lime slices into a glass. Pour over 1 shot of gin and top with tonic water. Serve with a sprig of rosemary.

March 23.