Lilly Pilly and Rose G&T

So I made a fruit salad today – I started with a lime then tossed it with some gin and tonic.

This recipe is my kinda fruit-salad-Friday! Most Fridays for me start with a fruit salad and end with one too ;) I am lucky enough to have free reign of my sisters garden that is bursting with a particularly beautiful berry called a Lilly Pilly or Brush Cherry. They're stunning pink in colour and just so happen to work really well in cocktails.  

Rose and dog.....

They taste slightly sour and a tinge tart but really compliment the gin and add a little crunch to your cocktail.  If you are unable to find these little gems, then by all means substitute with raspberries for colour (however this will change the taste quite considerably but naturally give it a berry buzz). If you are looking to substitute as close to the flavour as possible, then thinly slice some pink lady apples – you will get that tartness and crunch that is a much closer match.



_ Lilly Pilly and Rose G&T


Lilly Pilly and Rose G&T

Makes 2


Small handful of Lilly Pilly’s

2 shots good quality gin

1 shot rose syrup

2 limes, juice

Tonic water, to top up



Divide the Lilly Pilly’s into cocktail glasses and crush slightly with the back of a spoon to break up the fruit but not destroy them. You still want to see the fruit in all their beauty.

Place the gin, rose syrup and lime juice in a cocktail shaker, top with ice, seal with the lid and shake until chilled. Pour the cocktail glasses and top with tonic water and more ice if necessary. Stir each cocktail slightly and serve. 

August 25.