Peruvian Pisco Sours

Lime. You mean lemon? No, lime! 

Peruvian Pisco Sours

I am about to tell you something that will turn you tangy and pucker your mind. There is this boggling phenomena in South America where people refer to limes as lemons and lemons as limes. In fact in Peru they don’t really even use the yellow citrus we (South Africans) refer to as lemons and they’re pretty really hard to come by.  The small green fruits we call limes are called ‘limons’ and are used for everything, including Pisco sours. 

Pisco Sours Ingredients

So when I landed in Lima, and hit the first cevicheria I could find and ordered a Pisco Sours, I was flabbergasted and delighted (I love when you learn the real recipes from the horses mouth) to hear this. 


Admittedly in my video, I had not yet been to Peru and was feeling my way through making the cocktail and went with what I thought tasted delicious. In all fairness limes are super expensive in South Africa in comparison to lemons- so no, it would not be 100% authentic but far more accessible and in that way forgivable if you use lemons as I did.

Table of Pisco Sours

Pisco is in fact, a colourless brandy – You can find an unbelievable array of brands and qualities in Peru but here in South Africa it is ridiculously difficult to come by. So wherever you are in the world hunt around your liquor stores or worse case do what I did and hit up your local Peruvian restaurant and beg to buy a bottle from them.


_ Peruvian Pisco Sours


Peruvian Pisco Sours
Makes 2
3 shots Pisco
6 fresh limes, juice (or 3 lemons)
2 shots simple syrup
1 egg white
dash of Angostura bitters
Combine the pisco, lime juice, simple syrup and egg white into a cocktail shaker without any ice. Place the lid on the shaker to seal and shake it with everything you got. You want the egg white to foam up and that takes a whole lot of shaking. After roughly 3 minutes and you can see it looks foamy, add the ice and continue to shake until well chilled. Strain into a glass and top with a dash of bitters. 
March 14.