Fresh Lime Sodas

Something Fresh 

Make it a margarita or simply enjoy a cold icy fresh lime soda!

What you'll need...


lime soda

Vanilla sugar/salt mix to rim the glasses. It adds a deliciously sweet and slightly salty twist to each sip.


rim margarita glasses


fresh lime soda

_ Fresh Lime Sodas


Makes 2


3 limes

simple syrup, to taste


soda water

2 teaspoons vanilla salt/sugar mix


Run a little lime juice around the rim of your glasses. Place the salt and sugar vanilla mix onto a plate. Dip the glasses into the mix to coat the rim. Place ice in the glasses. Squeeze 1 fresh lime into each glass. Add as much or as little simple syrup as you like. Slice the remaining lime and add to the glasses. Top with soda.

For a margarita – simply add a shot of tequila and a little triple sec.


To make simple syrup:

½ cup castor sugar

½ cup water


Place in a saucepan and simmer until the sugar has dissolved.

March 27.