Pineapple Choc Chip Mini Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Donuts and I

Donuts and I have always been very special friends, but it was on one fortuitous day that I knew we would always be with each other…

mini donuts

Hong Kong was bustling with early morning commuters; streets packed with people all marching to the same tune, in the same direction – to central – where tons of businesses densely co-exist. Then, there I was, amongst all the suits, kitted out in obnoxiously colourful gym gear, feeling fit and fearless and off to workout.

It was the new year and time to get active… then suddenly I walk straight into a smiling man dressed in signature white, green and red, holding a tray of freshly baked, hot, original glazed Krispy Kreme donuts…. And they’re for free!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!! I took a deep breath… and a free donut...and turned around.

The moral of the story is that I am likely to choose a donut over the gym and I am at peace with this, however in the same breath, believe that moderation is key. So here below lies the answer – mini donuts. They’re bite-sized and blissful.

mini donut sandwiches

_ Pineapple Choc Chip Mini Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches


Pineapple choc chip mini donuts

Makes: 24 mini donuts


Pineapple choc chip donut

200g Self-raising flour

¼ teaspoon baking powder

¼ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

¼ teaspoon salt

2 free range eggs

½  cup sugar

1/3 cup olive oil

½ queen pineapple, roughly chopped

100g dark chocolate chips


1 L coconut or vanilla ice cream

100g milk chocolate (or dark if you prefer), melted

100g desiccated coconut, toasted


Preheat the oven to 200⁰c. Grease your mini donut tray very well with non-stick spray – you want to make sure every inch is sprayed.

Puree the pineapple in a food processor and set aside.

Sift all the dry ingredients together and set aside. Cream the sugar and eggs until light and pale, this takes some time -roughly 5 minutes. Slowly pour in the olive oil in a slow and steady stream until incorporated.

Fold the dry ingredients together with the pineapple into the egg mixture. Lastly, fold in the chocolate chips.

Pour the cake batter into a piping bag for easy and accurate distribution of the mixture into the tiny donut holes on the tray. Then pipe into the greased donut tray and bake for 10-15 minutes or until a cake tester comes out clean when inserted into the donut. I found that 13 minutes was just right in my oven. Remove from the oven and allow the donuts to cool for 10 minutes before unmolding onto a wire rack to cool completely.

To assemble the ice cream sandwiches, take one scoop of ice cream and sandwich between the donuts, drizzle with melted chocolate and sprinkle with toasted coconut. 

March 10.