About GLAC

When it comes to food, taste is always first but golly it does help when it looks pretty too, and its my job, like many other fabulous food stylists out there, to make it look good.

Good Looking and Cooking is about having fun and being silly, simple and free to create dishes that are not only really, really ridiculously good looking but truly delicious.

Welcome to GLAC – I hope you lick your screens and love the recipes.

about Me

I traded Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada for chicken, lettuce and potatoes…pranced right off the runway and into a professional kitchen. Not the most obvious transition, as the modeling industry and food industry tend to run on opposite spectrums of the universe.

I’ve been obsessed with food since my Gram’s crispy, buttery, salted roast potatoes and I’ll eat anything (except green bell peppers, yes the colour matters). I will go to all ends of the earth to find it and devour it. That’s my thing – I travel, I eat.
Once completing university I shipped myself off to Hong Kong for 4 ½ years, where I worked with some truly inspiring chefs, travelled all over Asia and experienced mind-blowing flavours, ingredients and cuisines. What an exciting place. Asia, you culinary beauty!

Now that I’m all grown up, in the food world that is, I’ve left the crazy restaurant kitchen and work as a food stylist, when I’m not traveling and eating that is.

I am now taking what I experience and learn and turning it into a journey in food styling, cooking on tv and YouTube and making food fun.

Anthony Bourdain took the words right out of my mouth…